Who Am I?

Photo by Tyler Core
Photo by Tyler Core

Myra Su is a narrative artist specializing in storytelling through puppetry and live theater. Currently based in Chicago, Myra has been an active member in the puppetry community since 2013. Her primary medium is shadow puppetry but her work also includes experimentations with bunraku, crankies, video, and taxidermy. Her work has also expanded to collaborations outside of theater, with indie bands and musicians.

In addition to her independent work, she is currently a touring performer with Manual Cinema. She has also worked with other puppetry/spectacle companies such as Redmoon and Blair Thomas & Co.

Growing up in-between the United States, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, she is interested in using puppetry to convey stories that are culturally mobile and emotionally universal. Her work is usually driven by a simple concept or motif, which is then explored through a self-reflexive application of puppetry.

Myra holds a BA with honors in Theater and Anthropology from the University of Chicago.

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