Iron Bridal Feast – 2

I storyboarded and constructed the frame (with a lot of help from Ray Vlcek – thanks Ray!) for the scroll puppet prologue for ‘Iron Bridal Feast.’ The artwork is by Isabel Gold and Lauren Wright. The scroll is an illustrated summary of the House of Tantalus. The chorus used the scroll in conjunction with their dumb-show performance.


Myra Su

Frame Construction:

Myra Su & Ray Vlcek

Scroll painters:

Isabel Ochoa Gold & Lauren Wright


Ida Noyes Hall at the University of Chicago on May 29-31, 2014
(Chicago, IL)


Based on the works of: Chuck Mee, Seneca, Aeschylus, Sophocles & Euripides

Written by: Eric Shoemaker & Rebecca Segall

Directed by: Rebecca Regall & Myra Su

Cast: Rurik Baumrin, James Brooks, Ian Chronis, Emma Glass, Ruben Lesnick, Andrew Mao, Emma Pauly, Stefan Popov, Martha Templeton, Ruth Wellin

Stage manager: Brett Pepowski

Assistant stage manager: Rohan Goyal

Puppet design: Myra Su

Assistant puppets: Isabel Ochoa Gold, Cynthia Campos Costanzo & Lauren Wright

Scenic/props design: Ivy Malao

Assistant scenic/props: Niki Chen

Lighting design: Tiffany Wang

Assistant lighting: Calgary Haines-Trautman

Costume design: Kathleen Qiu

Assistant costumes: Rebeka Alvarez-Heck & Kenneth Zheng

Sound design: Alex Hale

Assistant sound: Rohan Goyal, Myra Su & Martha Templeton

Production manager: Eric Shoemaker

Choreography: Annie Pei

Videography: Hamid Bendaas

Accordion: Paul Dillon

Marketing design: Josh Miller

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