The Cat Days of Christmas (ONGOING)

THE CAT DAYS OF CHRISTMAS is my current year-long project based on real cats, inspired by my experience as a cat sitter last Christmas. During that time, I was taking care of an obscene number of cats – enough to designate one cat for each day of Christmas. The final goal for the project is to create 12 episodes surrounding the relationships – cute, miserable, retarded, and everything in between – of a cat sitter and the 12 cats in her care.

A preview of the show was presented at Nasty, Brutish & Short on September 29, 2014. The episode featured Gypsy, an abused tortoise-shell cat who hates people. 

Original Story and Design:

Myra Su

Design assistant:

Harry Gao


Myra Su & James Brooks


Nasty, Brutish & Short at Links Hall on September 29, 2014
(Chicago IL)

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