Through the Lookingglass

Set in backcountry America, THROUGH THE LOOKINGGLASS is a psychological thriller of Alec, a young boy on his first deer hunt. In this Midwestern retelling of the classic coming-of-age story, Alec confronts death and the savage power of man for the first time.


Myra Su & Mitch Salm


Myra Su


Mitch Salm


Myra Su, Mitch Salm (1st-5th run), Sara Corsini (1st run), Allyson Gonzalez (2nd-5th run), Nick Hall & Kevin Michael Wesson (6th run)


Andreas Södermark (1st run), Cynthia Campos Costanzo (2nd run)


Nasty, Brutish & Short at Links Hall on Mar 16, 2015
(Chicago IL)

In Anticipation of Belonging exhibit opening at Smart Museum on Aug 13, 2016
(Chicago IL)

National Puppet Slam at The Center for Puppetry Arts on Sep 2-4, 2016
(Atlanta GA)

Chi-More Puppet Exchange at Black Cherry Puppet Theater on Dec 2, 2017
(Baltimore MD)

Trade Routes Festival at Links Hall on Dec 8-9, 2017
(Chicago IL)

Shadow’s Play at Elastic Arts on July 14, 2018
(Chicago IL)

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