Master Peter’s Puppet Show

Commissioned by Opera on Tap Chicago, New World Productions, and Main Street Opera. The show features two one-act musical works – an adaptation of Jacinto Guerrero’s zarzuela “The Guest at the Sevillano Inn” and Manuel de Falla’s puppet opera “Master Peter’s Puppet Show.”

“Master Peter’s Puppet Show” is plucked from an episode in Miguel de Cervantes’s famed novel “Don Quixote de la Mancha”. While staying at an inn, Don Quixote watches a puppet show based on the medieval legend of Don Gayferos, a knight in Charlemagne’s court, and the rescue of his wife Melisendra from Moorish captivity. The knight errant soon becomes a bit too invested in the puppet show, leading to a chaotic and hilarious finale.


Myra Su


Ilana Goldstein, Alana Grossman, Jesus Alfredo Jimenez Jimenez, Daniel Johnson


Dennis Kalup, Sal Perez, Melissa Segarra


Amy Wurtz


Ravenswood Church on Jul 30 – Aug 1, 2015 (Chicago, IL)
Cultura in Pilsen on Aug 6-8, 2015 (Chicago, IL)
Instituto Cervantes on Aug 13-15, 2015 (Chicago, IL)

Shadows, Stories, and SongsFULL CAST AND STAFF

Compositions by: Jacinto Guerrero & Manuel de Falla

Prose additions by: Tony Castellon

Directed by: Melissa Segarra & Myra Su

Cast: Ilana Goldstein, Alana Grossman, Jesus Alfredo Jimenez Jimenez, Daniel Johnson, Dennis Kalup, Joachim Luis, Erin Moll, Sal Perez, Melissa Segarra

Pianist: Amy Wurtz

Puppet design: Myra Su

Set design: Melissa Segarra

Costume design: Melissa Segarra

Props design: Jesus Alfredo Jimenez Jimenez & Melissa Segarra

Lighting design: Joachim Luis

Surtitles: Daniel Johnson & Melissa Segarra

Production manager: Melissa Segarra

Board op: Dennis Kulup, Joachim Luis, Erin Moll, Melissa Segarra

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