Invitation to a Beheading

I created shadow puppets and helped choreograph a short sequence towards the end of Michael Brown and Rough House’s Invitation to a Beheading.

Jan 27-29, 2022

The Chopin Theatre
1543 W. Division Street

Tickets: $20-30

For more information, click here

In a bizarre and irrational world, a man is condemned to death for an absurd crime and sent to a surreal prison to await his execution. But the prison may not be what it seems… Alternately disorienting, absurd, hysterical, and hopeful, this great novel by one of the 20th century’s masters is brought to the stage by Michael Brown and Rough House, with their signature combination of playfulness and strangeness. Full of surprising twists and turns, the novel comes to life through a combination of puppetry, masks, and imaginative storytelling.

Some shadow puppet samples:

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