MCA Family Day

I was invited to design and facilitate a kids-friendly workshop for MCA Family Day on April 13, 2019 around the theme of “Unfreeze.” I set up two stations:

  • Shadow puppets and scrolling backgrounds on overhead projectors. White plastic sheets were taped up on the 2nd floor windows facing the museum lobby, so everyone entering the museum would be able to see the shadows. I pre-made a bunch of shadow puppets of animals from the ice age and animals that hibernate in the winter. The puppets were cut at different sizes for kids to experiment with scale up against the screen versus on top of the overhead projector. I also installed acetate roller attachments on top of the overhead projectors, where kids could draw and project a scrolling background.
Photos by Grace DuVal
  • Draw your own scrolling stories and build a mini-crankie. Kids illustrated their own scrolls and then assembled everything together into a miniature crankie.
Photos by Grace DuVal

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