Spot of Bother

After a visit to the doctor, a man is diagnosed with a chronic heart condition. Upon receiving an instruction manual, he tries to get by day-to-day with his broken heart.

Live performance debut: Mar 24, 2014
Film version debut: Apr 24, 2016

Photos by Matt Caruso

Original story and design by:

Myra Su


1st run: Myra Su, Sneha Elango
2nd-3rd run: Myra Su, Andrew Mao
4th run: Myra Su, James Brooks, Eric Shoemaker
5th-6th run: Myra Su, Allyson Gonzalez, Mitch Salm
7th run: Myra Su, Allyson Gonzalez, Cynthia Campos Costanzo
Current: Myra Su, Nick Hall, Kevin Michael Wesson


Nasty, Brutish & Short at Links Hall on Mar 24, 2014
(Chicago IL)

The Plucky Show at Gorilla Tango Theater on Jun 12, 2014
(Chicago IL)

Micro Music Mash at the Dunes Summer Theater on Jun 28-29, 2014
(Michigan City IN)

The Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival at the Grey Center for Arts and Inquiry on Jan 24, 2015
(Chicago IL)

Illinifest at the University of Illinois on Apr 24, 2016
(Urbana-Champaign IL) — film version

In Anticipation of Belonging exhibit opening at Smart Museum on Aug 13, 2016
(Chicago IL)

Shadow Cabaret at Dragon Con on Sep 2, 2016
(Atlanta GA)

A-Squared Poet Theater Festival at Links Hall on Oct 20 & 22, 2016
(Chicago IL)

Shadow’s Play at Elastic Arts on July 14, 2018
(Chicago IL)

Stage X Screen at iO Theater on Dec 11, 2019
(Chicago IL) — film version

Green Line Puppet Slam at the Green Line Performing Arts Center on Dec 18, 2019
(Chicago IL)

Black Cherry Puppet Theater’s Puppet Slamwich: Footlong Edition on June 13, 2020

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