Chicago Takes 10

“Performing arts organizations were the first to shut down and will be the last to fully reopen with in-person performances and yet, the arts community is so vital to Chicago. Chicago Takes 10 is designed to fuel the creative sector with performances that reflect the bold and expansive artistic and cultural vigor of Chicago.”

Elizabeth Walder, President & Executive Director of the Walder Foundation

Tune in for Chicago Takes 10 — a free virtual series sponsored by the Walder Foundation featuring performing artists from across the city. Links Hall was selected as one of 10 non-profit performing arts organizations to curate and engage dancers, musicians, puppeteers, and performance-makers for the series. Mark your calendar forJune 10th at 6pm (CT) and visit to see the work of these incredible artists!


Frank Waln with Samsoche Sampson & OPLIAM
Corinne Imberski & Wilson Tanner Smith
Myra Su
Keyierra Collins
Laksha Dantran
MurdaMommy & DJ CUENIQUE

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