The Cymbeline Project

A collaboration between the Chicago Puppet Studio, Tom Lee and Oregon Shakespeare Festival as part of their O! Digital Stage series. THE CYMBELINE PROJECT divides Shakespeare’s CYMBELINE into 10 episodes, with each episode directed by a different lead artist. Jaerin Son and I were commissioned to work on Episode 9, which we interpreted into toy theater and paper puppets. Rehearsals were held completely over Zoom with each actor equipped with their own green screen setup. We then translated their performance into paper sets and puppets that we built and filmed in Chicago.

Conceived by: Nataki Garrett

Created by: Scarlett Kim

In Collaboration with: Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Chicago Puppet Studio, Tom Lee

Puppeteers: Leah Casey, Jaerin Son, Myra Su

Videography: Nick Zoulek

Edited by: Myra Su

Episode 9 Lead Artists: Jaerin Son, Myra Su

Creative Team

Production Design: Alex Grover

Sound Designer & Composer: T. Carlis Roberts

Creative Technologist: Sangmin Chae

Costume Designer: X. Hill

Sound Engineer & Production Manager: Josh Horvath

Video Supervisor: Micah J. Stieglitz

Video Editors: Scarlett Kim, Micah J. Stieglitz, Alex Grover

Colorist: Jacqueline Chan

Assistant Video Editor: Tommy Statler

Director of Artistic Sign Language: Monique Holt

Dramaturg: Paul Adolphsen

Associate Director and Co-Dramaturg: Raphael Massie

Voice and Text: Rebecca Clark Carey

Associate Designer: Melissa Torchia

Make-Up Designer: Elisa Abend-Goldfarb

Platform Designer: Theo Her

Behind-the-Scenes Storyteller: Elizabeth Carter


Tyrone Wilson, Monique Holt, Caro Zeller, James Ryen, Stephen Michael Spencer, Shyla Lefner, Erika Rose, Jessica Ko, Cristofer Jean, Daniel T. Parker, Carolina Vargas Romero, Lauren Modica, Rachel Crowl

OSF Innovation & Strategy Team

Associate Artistic Director and Director of Innovation & Strategy: Scarlett Kim

Production Manager: Josh Horvath

Associate Producer: Victor Cervantes Jr.

Artistic Associate: Liz Lanier

Guest Artists

Episode 2: Eric Ting

Episode 4: Nataki Garrett

Episode 5: Ruth Tang

Episode 6: Tara Ahmadinejad (in collaboration with Jamie Goodwin & Nicholas Hussong)

Episode 7: Monty Cole (in collaboration with Hana Kim)

Episode 8: Diana Oh

Episode 9: Myra Su and Jaerin Son (in collaboration with Tom Lee & Chicago Puppet Studio)


Showrunner: Scarlett Kim

Producers: Scarlett Kim, Liz Lanier, Ken Savage, Mei Ann Teo, Evren Odcikin

Production Manager: Josh Horvath

Project Managers: Dani Bae (Episodes 1-4), Roxana Khan (Episodes 5-10)

Production Coordinators: Patrick Mahoney (Episodes 1-4), Jordan Moore (Episodes 5-10)

Sound Department Manager: Josh Horvath

Lighting & Video Department Manager: Val Pope

Video Supervisor: Micah J. Stieglitz

Props Manager: Matthew Carleton

Costume Director: Alice Risser

Lead Costumer: Stephanie Cooper

Costumers: Jessie Weigel, Calle Segotta, Muriel Mangual

Wig Leads: Iran M. Leon, Cheyenne Holbert

ASL Interpreters: Janice Evans, Stephanie Feyne, Amanda Welly

Additional ASL Interpretation: Rita Jo Scarcella

DASL: Monique Holt

ASL Interpretation: Amanda Welly, Kristina Miranda, Yvans Cator Jr.

Closed Captioning: The SOS Agency

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